About Us

We Abdullah Abdullah Qiyad Misfer Al Raddadi Foundation for the provision of services extends the history of the institution extends to more than
40 years in providing cooked and uncooked subsistence services for both government and private sector
Or to individuals and that the institution is classified by the classification of government contractors on the first degree
In providing nutrition services, the Foundation operates today across an integrated system of various departments that
It continuously plans and monitors the progress of business activities to ensure the provision of high-quality services
And the best price.

Our Mission

Commitment to the core values upon which the Foundation was founded: Trust, honesty, quality and attention
Our role is to serve the community in our work.

Our Vision

We always strive to maintain our leadership in the provision of nutrition services in the Kingdom and strengthen our position from
During the continuous development of our capabilities and foreseeing promising investment opportunities.

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